Never Con A Con Man


After being away ten years, Holly Foster was back in Pine Mountain, Arizona. As a teenager, she’d had a crush on her then step-brother Drake Cox. It was time to figure out if she still had feelings for the rugged Chief of Police.

When someone empties the town’s bank accounts almost everyone believes Drake’s uncle Max is behind the theft. After all he’s been a screw up and con man most of his life. But Holly is just as sure he didn’t do it. When Max turns up dead, she plans on proving he didn’t take the money with the evidence he left behind. First she has to find it.

Drake is just as determined to keep her out of his case. He’d waited a long time for her to come home, he wasn’t going to let a thief and killer harm her now.

Killer Instinct

Every cruise has its  share of drunks, but missing wallets and jewelry is an entirely  different matter. Is the current shipboard drunk involved? Lizzie  O’Connell doesn’t think so. Convincing Dean Templin, the head of  security, isn’t easy though. He wants her to stay out of his  investigation. As a dancer onboard the Sea Star, it isn’t her job to  find a thief.
But what’s she supposed to do when she’s given the  message that someone onboard is going to be killed? How can she stay on  the sidelines waiting for something horrible to happen? Investigating on  the sly gets her in trouble with Dean as well as a killer. After two  attempts on her life, Dean must work with her to keep her safe before  another body turns up. 

Rosie's Secret


 Life in a small town is supposed to be  simple, but Parker was finding it exactly the opposite. More than a year  after inheriting her great-aunt’s estate, she thought all of her  questions had been answered. But that wasn’t the case. There was a  steady stream of income still coming in to the estate account. Trying to  find out where the money was coming from was an act of futility. The  new manager at the bank wouldn’t release any information.

A  “foreigner from New York” was trying to buy up farms around the small  town, but he wouldn’t say what his plans were. When Parker found the man  dead not far from her farm house, gossip began swirling again.

After  two more murders, with all the evidence pointing to Parker, she was  ready to fight. She just didn’t know who she was fighting. Who would  benefit if she was convicted of murder? Or was there another motive? 

Something Shady

 After spending three weeks in rehab  following knee surgery, Gwen Mason’s great aunt is diagnosis with  dementia. How could something like that happen so fast? Why did the  court appoint a guardian to oversee Bess’s health care and finances when  Gwen has Power of Attorney? Something fishy was going on, and it was  beginning to smell.

Working with Jake, a friend from college,  Gwen tries to figure out what is going on at Shady Acres. Dementia  doesn’t happen overnight. Were there drugs that would cause the  dementia-like symptoms Bess was suffering? Who would do something like  that? What was the purpose?

 Things turn deadly when someone at  Shady Acres ends up dead on the floor of Bess’s room. Who was next? What  did Bess know that certain people were willing to kill to keep secret? 

Lost Memories

 After being beaten and left in the desert  to die, a young woman is rescued by a bunch of teenagers on ATV’s. It’s  unknown who she is, or if she’ll even live long enough to tell who did  this to her.

When her attacker realizes she’s in the hospital in  Phoenix, he must figure out a way to prevent her from waking up from a  coma. But he’s too late. She wakes up in the hospital with no memory of  what happened to her, who did it, or even who she is. His attempts to  rid himself of the threat she presents are all thwarted. How many more  will she be able to survive? Will Detective Rex Booker be able to catch  the killer before he strikes a third time? He doesn’t want to find out  which saying will come true: Third Time Is a Charm or Three Strikes and  You’re Out. 

Plenty of Guilt

 Murder doesn’t happen often in the small  town of Bisbee, Arizona. When it does, the police are eager to pass it  off as a suicide. Jillian Connors isn’t willing to let that stand. She  is convinced her sister, Claire, didn’t kill herself, and she’s willing  to pay for the autopsy to prove it. Someone else is just as determined  to stop that from happening.

While falling in love with Jillian,  Detective Dan Tobin is willing to help her as long as she doesn’t get  involved in the investigation. He doesn’t want the same thing to happen  to her.

When a second person is found dead, there is little doubt  about the cause this time. Dr. Murphy was shot execution style and the  drugs in his office are missing. What does this have to do with Claire’s  death?

Jillian doesn’t believe in ghosts, but when furniture is  moved around in the old house every time she leaves, she has to decide  if it is really the ‘resident ghost’, or a flesh and blood ghost trying  to scare her away. Jillian and Dan need to find the answers before  someone succeeds in ending the investigation with Jillian’s death. 

Smoke & Mirrors

 Beginning her law enforcement career in a  small town cop shop isn’t exactly what CJ Cummings hoped it would be.  Corruption rides just below the surface of Backward, Texas, but no one  wants to admit there is anything wrong.

Domestic violence is  ignored, a member of a biker gang tries to burn down the local diner  with her inside, several teenage girls have turned up missing, and most  of those who are supposed to have her back don’t want her on their  all-male force. What other sinister things are lurking below the  surface?

Tate Wolfe has returned home from the Army. He is as  mysterious as he is handsome. He’s reluctant to talk about the missing  girls, and wants CJ to stay out of things, but she doesn’t understand  why.

When her life is nearly ended in a motorcycle accident, he  can no longer deny his feelings for her. Still, he can’t reveal what he  knows about what is going on in town.

How can she convince him to let her in on what’s happening there. 

Trapped in a Whirlwind

 The murder of Quinn Reed’s husband throws  her life into turmoil. He left her buried in debt with no foreseeable  way out. Who would murder him? Had he been into something illegal, or  was he just a cheating husband? She had no answers.

When the boy  she had loved in high school reenters her life, her already topsy-turvy  world is turned upside down again. Is Sergio DeCosta the same sweet  person she had known seven years ago or a cold blooded killer as the  police believe? Her heart didn't want to believe the latter, but could  she trust her heart? She was discovering her husband wasn't what he  seemed when they met, so how could she trust that Sergio wasn't hiding  something sinister as well? Finding “nanny cams” in her house, she’s at a  loss at who would want to spy on her. After she’s beaten and left  unconscious, she has no one to turn to but Sergio. Even the police can’t  protect her from an unknown assailant. As more people in her life turn  up dead, it’s up to her to figure it out before she joins the others in  the morgue. 

Man on the Run

 Watching a television show, Becca Dutton is  certain she’s seen the man the FBI is looking for in Flanagan’s Gap,  Arizona, a small mountain town of less than six hundred people where she  and her mother own and operate the general store.
Mrs. Dutton is  just as certain she’s mistaken; pointing out the man she has seen is  much younger than the fugitive the FBI is looking for. Becca can’t let  go of the feeling he’s somewhere around, especially with the petty  thefts the town has recently been experiencing. Does that mean there is  more than one man living in the forest surrounding their town?
All of  her life, Becca has heard about The Hermit living in the woods. He’d  never caused any trouble for the people in town, leaving wood carvings  when he took food or clothing he can’t make or grow for himself. Becca  is sure the current trouble they’ve been having is due to the fugitive,  not The Hermit who has disappeared from the forest.
When her store  and home are destroyed, it becomes clear someone has targeted her and  the town. Who is behind all their troubles? Will they figure it out  before it’s too late? 

A Game of Cat and Mouse

 When Jennifer Miller's parents are brutally  murdered she knows who killed them, but who would believe her? After  all, she's only fourteen. Besides, his fingerprints and DNA are supposed  to be in the house since he lives there. When the social worker charged  with taking care of her is found dead in her bathtub, Jennifer knows  it's only a matter of time before he comes for her. Her only option is  to dis-appear before that can happen.
Fourteen years later Casey  Gibson returns to Phoenix. Now a Forensics Scientist, with a new  identity and appearance, she hopes to catch the monster who killed her  parents, and so many others, before he catches her.
She isn't alone  this time. Others care about her, and are willing to listen and believe  what she has to say. Especially the young boy, now a grown man and a  policeman, who never forgot the young girl who disappeared. She just has  to learn to trust them and herself. 

Rosie's Revenge

 When  Parker Evans inherits a farm in Iowa from a great-aunt she never knew,  she is confronted with a past she knew little about, finds a new home, a  grandmother who loves her, unearths the answers to a sixty year old  mystery, and finds a love directed from beyond the grave.

Once in  Iowa, Parker discovers she has to live in the house for a year before  actually inheriting: a house with no electricity, no running water, and  no bathrooms. She can remodel the house, but she can’t move out.

Parker's  first encounter with many in town, including her grandfather, is  nothing less than strange. People stare with something close to fear, or  step off the sidewalk to avoid her. She tries to chalk it up to small  town prejudice against strangers. But is it?

The contractor, Shep  Baker, is a tall, slow talking cowboy from Texas. Where did he fit into  all that was going on? Determined to discover why Rosie left all this  to her, and why she became a tyrant, Parker digs into the family’s  history; a history no one wants dug up.Rosie left behind hundreds of  journals, giving some of the answers Parker’s searching, but she feels  certain her grandfather could fill in a lot of the blanks. Would he  finally tell what had happened all those years ago? 

Revenge Served Cold

 When vandals first began plaguing Skylar  Bishop’s boutique winery in southeastern Arizona, she hoped it was just  bored teenagers out for mischief. When it turned violent, she knew  better. The middle of the night call confirmed her suspicions. Someone  was going to take revenge on her father by ruining her. But who was he?  Why had he waited thirty years to come after her father? She’d been  building her winery in New Haven for five years, why had he waited until  now to exact his scheme of revenge?Finding the man doing this won’t be  easy; after all the authorities believe he’s dead. Who will look for him  or even know who to look for. He’s managed to remake himself while  staying under law enforcement's radar. As the revenge escalates and  becomes more violent, Deputy Greg Wilkenson has to keep Skylar and  others he cares about safe from the unknown maniac. Will they figure it  out in time? 

About Me

 I  was nine years old when my family moved to Arizona from Iowa in a  converted school bus. I still live there with my husband, Paul. We have  two daughters, two sons-in-law, and five wonderful grandchildren.

My  husband ​and I are now retired and we enjoy traveling to all our  favorite places on our Honda Goldwing trike. We've gone to South Dakota,  Iowa, Colorado, Washington state, and Wyoming, all on the trike. There  is always a new place to see. Remember: "It's not the destination, it's  the ride."

Reading  and crocheting are two of my favorite pastimes I enjoy when I'm  relaxing, sometimes doing them both at the same time. I enjoy reading  many types of books, but mysteries, spy thrillers, and romantic suspense  are my favorite. Even as a preteen my best friend and I saw a mystery  behind every bush or maybe creeping down the hall in our empty house.  I've always enjoyed making up stories while I traveled with my family,  even as a young girl. Doing housework provided time to make up stories  in my head. I've always wanted to put my stories on paper or the  computer, now I'm able to independently publish them. 

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